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    Lin Weiran, who really didn't know what she was up to, asked, "What did you say?" Kim Tae-hee raised his head, without a smile on his face, and with this black silk dress, he was completely cool, noble and sexy. I'll give you a chance to have drunken sex today! What? As soon as Lin Weiran frowned doubtfully, Kim Tae-hee turned awkwardly and walked back quickly. Before Lin Weiran could change his shoes, he saw four beautiful stars and a beautiful president standing together. They shouted together. I'll give you a chance to have drunken sex today! The shouts converged, penetrated Lin Weiran's eardrums, reflected on the walls, and echoed around. Then, the five beauties turned around together, Lin Weiran clearly saw Lee Hyori's hand seemed to fall on Kim Tae-hee and Song Hye-kyo's buttocks, this scene made him a little nervous, but the next scene made him a little nervous. The hands unscrupulously walked on the buttocks under their control, found a good position, and then pinched. Even though Lin Weiran's nerves were extremely tough, he was still stunned to see this scene, and the unknown meaning of his whole body seemed to remind him. It's not five beauties who come to drink today. It's him. (To be continued.) [Text 493 Listening to the Wind and Rain through the Door (Part Two)] "For the hero to succeed in becoming Avatar!" As the voice fell, cans of beer were raised, and Song Hye Kyo, who made the proposal, set an example and drank heavily, which was astonishing. <-》 Seeing the response of the ladies present, Lin Weiran, who was not fully familiar with the atmosphere, hurriedly followed with a mouthful. Unconsciously, he saw the bottom of the jar again. He wanted to control the speed and handle it gently,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, but Li Xiaoli, who was still sitting beside him, listened to all directions. Weiran, don't worry if you're drunk. Those yoga mats you brought are for you. Looking back, it was Li Xiaoli's trademark smiling eyes. Lin Weiran smiled and wanted to explain, but she made a'shush 'with her fingers on her lips. The next moment, another can of beer was put in front of Lin Weiran. He seemed to be able to hear the sound of beer foam bursting. From the beginning of the door to know that today is not a good situation, in fact, it is more like these idle actresses to make fun of him, since the door to see that gorgeously dressed and full of enchanting charm of the scene, Lin Weiran will know that he is doomed to suffer some molestation, five women and a man's matching ratio let him become the only ray of masculinity in this big house. To say that there are all little girls here, maybe he can really have sex after drinking, but in the face of these older leftover women who eat people and don't spit bones, in the end, it's not necessarily who has sex. With the first glass of wine, 12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm ,24v Gear Motor, Lin Weiran was quite honest. He had already realized that he was the main target of attack. Of course, he had to be wise to protect himself. In other words, he was a little reluctant to let go. But I have to say that all of you here are experts in enlivening the atmosphere. It was less than an hour. Lin Weiran has been able to integrate into it, and I don't know how much wine he drank. Even if some topics can't be added to them, they can be heard as interesting. Come out for the bad guys! It's only been a few minutes. Song Hye-kyo, who was in charge of carrying wine for no reason, shouted again. Everyone raised their glasses, and Lin Weiran naturally followed them. One mouthful went down and many more. He exhaled a breath of wine, and his eyes focused on the movie in front of him. This is Han Weiyi's viewing room, which can be called a small projection hall, with white sofas and wool carpets. Han Weiyi takes care of the luxury and comfort here. The curtain in front of him is estimated to be hundreds of inches. The sound equipment also brings excellent surround sound. In addition, the special equipment supporting 3D effects makes it no wonder that when Kim ha-na was shooting onair, the home of the protagonist Wu shengya was chosen here. The movie that was playing was Avatar, and after Kim Ha-na turned down KTV for being too noisy, the ladies unanimously chose to watch the movie. Lin Weiran is very indecisive and drifts with the tide. If you can't, pretend to be drunk and go to the toilet several times. The film is gradually entering the high school. Han Weiyi whispered to Lin Weiran's ear to remind him that this period of time was too tense and too hard, and even people like her who had been in the crew could not carry it, not to mention Lin Weiran, who was in the center of the whirlpool. This party is to relax the spirit. It is also to sweep away the tension left over from the past few days. At this time, wine is a good thing. Wearing 3D glasses. The light source of the whole room was turned down, and Han Weiyi turned his head to Lin Weiran's eyes. There was a reflection of the light from the curtain, but she still couldn't see his expression. Don't worry. Play and have a good time. Listen to Lin Weiran's tone, he seems to be manyi for today's arrangement, can imagine the smile on his face at this time, Han Weiyi is wanting to go to the movies at ease. Adulterer and adulteress. Tucao sound sounded, the field naturally has a pair of men and women to bear the contempt of the public, Lee Hyori immediately moved his buttocks close to the other side of Kim Tae-hee, and Kim Ha-na is turned to look at Han Weiyi and Lin Weiran, smiling on his face. As for the courage to complain, it is naturally Song Hye-kyo, who is very active today. This child may drink to drown his sorrows because he is lovelorn. If Lin Weiran drinks the most, then she is the second. At the moment, she turned her head to this side, wearing 3D glasses with a strange shape on her face. "I really want to strip you all naked and lock you in a room," weixie said. As soon as the voice fell, Kim Ha-na coughed very hard, saying that ladies and ladies had men present, after all, it was not the time for them to get together and enjoy R-rated action movies, although it was certainly more interesting than it is now. Some of the atmosphere cooled down, but also some strange, Han Weiyi through the 3D sunglasses can still feel the eyes of the people, prickly, people speechless, and even let her some shame. In the usual days, not to mention this kind of flirtation, even the more overheated Han Weiyi can also launch a counterattack, but now she can not speak, it feels more like a little girl was punctured in love with someone's mind,Gear Reduction Motor, so she is a little angry, Song Hye-kyo at this time and on this occasion to open this kind of joke, but not by this feeling. Doubt becomes this kind of self. ichgearmotor.com
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