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    Whenever he is with Sun Yat-sen, he always complains that it gets dark too late and hates that it gets bright too early. The next day to the palace of prince ping reported to discuss the military situation, fu gang also don't go to the barracks, directly from the white phoenix place to pick up the sun set, two people two horse riding out of the city, then loose the reins by horse wandering in the endless Gobi desert. Sun Yat-sen pointed to the faint Qilian snow line in the distance and said, "I really want to ride my horse like this and run all the way to the top of the snow mountain to see if there is a leopard face of the Queen Mother of the West." Reading friends, you can search "", can be the first time to find the site oh. Chapter 69 yuan Rongchu's soul was at the same level as his body, and in the funeral procession in white, he stopped just three feet above the top of the coffin. The warm body wrapped in the coffin still pulled her, so that she could not be farther away. Her husband, Meng Heng, with his shoes covered with hemp and a light beard under his lips, held the coffin and walked not far from her. He is five years older than yuan Rongchu, and he is only twenty-seven this year. He has just been promoted to six subjects. Although it was a seven-grade official title, it assisted the emperor in handling memorials and inspecting the six ministries, and its power was greater than that of the inspector's office. It was a position of real power that even the assistant ministers were afraid to give up three points. In middle age, there are three big joys, promotion, wealth, and the death of his wife. He has now accounted for all the two. Along the way, women were whispering that Meng Zexi was really a good man. Although yuan Rongchu had been childless for nine years after his first marriage and had heard that he had been in poor health in recent years,juice filling machine, he had not taken a concubine or a house all these years. When yuan Rongchu died, his side was still clean. Then look at our side, that a man is not a little well-off days to take a concubine, carry a girl? Such a good man, yuan Rongchu is really not lucky. yuan Rongchu listened and laughed all the way. It was this good man who was raising and giving birth to a child outside. When she was struggling for life and death, he sat on the edge of the bed and held her hand and said, "Rong Rong, you are already in such pain. Why don't you close your eyes earlier?". To live is to practice purgatory, to die is to be free. If you are free,water bottling line, my heart will be free. Ruthless words of death can be said to be so emotional. Meng Zexi, a famous lover in the capital, had a childhood marriage with yuan Rongchu. In this way, it disintegrated with yuan Rongchu's death. Of course, for yuan Rongchu, it was indeed the ultimate relief. The pain and shame she had experienced would be buried deep in the earth, and no one would ever know. Only one thing, she can not put down. On the verge of death, she insisted on a cup of water to moisten her lips: "Jersey, I am willing to bury myself, protect your reputation for a lifetime, and move places for your new couple and children. I am willing to die immediately. But please take pity on me and return Baichuan's letter to me, even if it is burned in front of me. I beg you!" Baichuan is the word of Li Changgeng. Li Changgeng, one of the six founding nobles of this Dynasty, was the son of the Duke of Korea. The Duke of Korea was the hereditary nobility who was attacked by the Iron Coupon. His son, Li Changgeng, CSD filling line ,water filling machine, controlled the three northern frontiers as the commander of the army. He guarded the frontier in his spare time and led the general's orders to go to war in wartime. Meng Heng covered yuan Churong's hand on his lips, and two lines of tears gradually moistened her withered fingers: "Up to now, you still only remember that letter and Li Changgeng." It was because of the letter that she was willing to marry him, and it was precisely because he held the letter that she was willing to stay with him for so many years. To this day, I am still dying for that letter. Meng Heng was born with white skin and little beard, but with a gentle touch under his jaw, his eyes were slightly deep. No matter who he looked at, no matter what he was plotting in his heart, his double eyelids and peach blossom eyes were always full of incomparable goodwill. He slowly put yuan Churong's hand on the bed, took the quilt and pressed it tightly. He got up and bent down over his sick wife who was lying in bed: "Not only will I not give you that letter, but I will also use Li Changgeng as a blade to avenge you!" These terrible words, he also said affectionately. yuan Rongchu struggled with his last breath of strength and reached out to pull Meng Heng's hand. After pulling it, he raised his neck and pressed it to his lips. He sighed: Jersey, no matter why I got married at the beginning, and no matter whether I love you or not, I really want to live with you. Even the incident four years ago has long been forgotten by me. I have no hatred and no complaints. In these four years, I am willing to go to death step by step. I have no love or hate in my heart, and I don't want you to make waves again for me. And Baichuan, you must not move him, more can not use his letter, if you dare to use it, I will turn into a ghost, also want to come back to pester you, torture you.. With all her strength, she opened her mouth and bit Meng Heng's finger, wishing she could turn into a wolf and bite off the phalanx, telling him to turn around and let Li Changgeng go. The dying man's teeth were so sharp that they bit his flesh in an instant. The salty blood ran into yuan Rongchu's dry lips and tongue. Meng Heng saw yuan Rongchu coughing violently and choking with blood. He slowly stroked her and lay down to cover her with a quilt. His face was calmer than a mosquito bite: "You don't even care about your own dignity. You only care about the letter and Li Changgeng, but I still love you.". Rong Rong, wait for me in the underworld. yuan Rongchu exhaled: "If I bow to you just for that letter, how many chances do I have to kill you?"? I can poison the food, I can poison the tea, between husband and wife, I have a hundred ways to kill you, you are dead, I can slowly go to find the letter. But I did not, even if you raise the outer room, I have not moved to kill your heart, I have been waiting for you to return. But you? yuan Rongchu language stagnation, after all, she can not say that sentence, that sentence enough to hit Meng Heng five inside the words of destruction, only open a pair of eyes full of begging pity looking at him. Return to the heart? Meng Heng slowly pulled out the veil and threw it open. He wrapped it around his fingers and said, "Your heart is somewhere else. Where can my heart go?"? Since my heart has no place to return, naturally I will not go to Huazang Temple to save you! So, this is the truth. It was not that he was unable to save her, but that he did not want to save her. He watched her suffer in Huazang Monastery but did not want to reach out to save her. yuan Rongchu called Meng Heng this sentence surprised unable to close his eyes, a mouthful of old blood can not swallow and unable to spit, from the mourning hall to the coffin cover, two eyes do not blink always staring at Meng Heng. Her beloved, to the moment of death, still did not believe that she loved him. She stared at him dressed in hemp,liquid bottle filling machine, at him kneeling in front of his coffin, a pair of thin hands that could only hold a pen, twisting paper money and kneeling for three days and three nights. gzxilinear.com
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