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    18/1/89 (Tuổi: 33)
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    ☆Our History
    1988 The brothers of Zhang Yue and Zhang Jian registered the private company named BROAD Thermal Research Institute in Chenzhou, Hunan with a capital of RMB 30,000
    1990 Successively assigned the patents and drawings of pressure-free hot water boiler for 7 times, reaching an income of nearly RMB 1 million
    1992 The direct-fired non-electric chiller was invented. BROAD was relocated to Changsha and renamed as BROAD Air Conditioning, staff number totaling 43
    1994 Started to set up sales and service offices in key provinces all around China. Advertisement of BROAD. Open a New Era of Central Air Conditioning broadcasted at CCTV prime time
    1995 Built up the first phase of BROAD Town and the assembly line for non-electric air conditioning, staff number totaling 433
    1996 The world's No.1 seller of non-electric air conditioning and China's No.1 seller of central air conditioning by sales volume
    1997 Founded the BROAD USA and began international sales. A corporate jet and a helicopter were purchased, marking BROAD the first company in China own private aircraft (5 more aircrafts were purchased after wards. However, 10 years later with increased environmental consciousness, BROAD stopped using corporate jets)
    1998 The two brothers got separated. Zhang Yue took over the BROAD Group. Zhang Jian operated the Sino-Japanese joint venture BROAD Beltecno and the later BROAD Homes, sharing the brand of BROAD and operational management resources
    2000 BROAD Town expanded to 0.7km2 after 5 land acquisitions, and the construction of the new millennium area was completed
    2002 BROAD was rated China's No.1 taxpayer among private companies by the State Administration of Taxation
    2003 Issued "BROAD Values". Established company positioning as social enterprise
    2005 China's first company to implement the Energy Management Contract of Central Air Conditioning. The Premier and the NPC chairman of China visited BROAD Town and spoke highly of BROAD innovations and environmental protection endeavors. Launched the transparent sales model with the Product Price List and the Fair. Pricing Policy disclosed to the public
    2006 China's first company to invent clean air product
    2007 BROAD Town expanded to 1km2 after 12 land acquisitions, staff number totaling 1829
    2010 BROAD Group was established, consisting 8 subsidiaries covering air conditioning, clean air technology, energy service, sustainable building, building energy efficiency, recycling fuel oil as well as two located in Tianjin and USA
    2012 BSB Town reached 2 km2 with factory area covering 230,000m2. BROAD products have been sold to more than 80 countries
    2015 The 57-floor Mini Sky City was constructed within 19 days, which is selected as one of "the 40 influential innovations in the world". BROAD had the honor of hosting the annual meeting of the Mountain Tai Club. Staff number of BROAD Group totaling 3992
    2016 BSB case was listed in the "Annual report of global construction development "by the World Economic Forum
    ☆Our Factory
    Owning a complete set of production system from product development, procurement, production to delivery, BROAD Factory is the manufacturing department of BROAD Air Conditioning, of which the production base is located in the eastern suburb of Changsha, Hunan Province and it produces non-electric central air-conditioning chills, super power-saving chillers, and packaged pump sets which cover more than 80 countries and regions in the world. BROAD non-electric chiller, such large electromechanical equipment, can quickly enter and expand the international market and gain worldwide reputation, representing the highest product quality and technology level in air conditioning field.
    We possess a modern factory building of 70,000 m2, more than 1,800 sets of production devices, 6 world's largest assembly lines for non-electric chillers, the largest complete shot blasting room in the non-electric chiller industry, and a large number of imported automatic processing and production as well as own annual production capacity of 1,500 sets of non-electric chillers, advanced devices and technology, and superior production capacity to ensure 100% global customer satisfaction.
    We always adhere to the business objective, "Quality first", and the quality idea, "Do not ignore any part of the product quality chain", as well as insist on only producing energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, and the quality idea, "Do not ignore any part of the product quality chain". BROAD Air Conditioning is the only company in non-electric chiller industry that has promised the life span of a chiller not less than 60 years. BROAD Air Conditioning has built the largest complete Testing Platform in air conditioning industry worldwide, and has established a Physics and Chemistry Laboratory with the worlds most advanced test devices, atomic absorption spectrometer, direct-reading sparks spectrometer, and universal testing machines. In 1997, BROAD Air Conditioning became the first company passing ISO9001 certification for non-electric chiller. In 1999, the world’s first company with all its non-electric chiller products achieved European and American safety quality certification, including a series of personal safety certifications such as electromagnetic compatibility, low voltage directive, gas instructions, and pressure vessels. In 2001, the editor of China's first national standard for direct-fired non-electric chillers, GB/T 18362 "Direct-fired Lithium Bromide for Absorption Cooling(Heating) Water Chiller" and also presiding over the editing of the national standard GB 18361 "Brown [A2] Lithium Absorption Cooling(Heating) Water Chiller Safety Requirements". All products of BROAD Air Conditioning have undergone 100% inspection and testing of the entire procedure and entire process to ensure that 100% of qualified products are delivered to users.
    ☆Our Product
    Non-electric A/C powered by Exhaust Hear or Natural Gas\Building Central A/C System &Domestic Hot Water District Cooling, heating and Power System, District Heat Pump system, Process Cooling
    ☆Product Application
    Hotel \ Airport \ Hospital \ Education \ Shopping Mall \ Industry \ Textile \ Steel \ Food \ Chemical \ Papermaking \ Automobile \ Pharmaceutical \ Office \ Integrated Building
    ☆Our Certificate
    ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, ETL, UL, ASME, NB, AHRI Certificate.
    ☆Production Equipment
    CNC tube bending machine from Italy, Germany CLOOS \ Austria IGM \ Japan Panasonic Welding Robots、CNC high speed drilling machine、laser cutting machine
    ☆Production Market
    80+countries, 30,000+ customers.
    ☆Our Service
    Chiller After-Sales Service \ Air conditioning system energy saving upgrading service \ Global Internet Monitoring \ Building energy efficiency retrofitting EPC \ Chiller and the system EPC \ Trusteeship EMC \ Operation EMC \ Partial Investment EMC \ Full Investment EMC \ Equipment Lease EMC.Recovered Oil Direct Fired Lithium Bromide Chiller quotation

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